CFDeveloper is a community that provides almost FREE (£1) hosting for developers or anyone who is interested in learning or Evaluating the CFML language with either ColdFusion or Lucee.

Why would you want to use CFDeveloper ?

While CFML is a powerful language that is easy to learn the basic tags and  produces results fast, like any other language it still requires you to setup a development environment/server. At minimum this includes the CFML Application Server, a web server, an SMTP server (for sending emails via your web pages), a RDBMS such as MySQL or MSSQL (usually both).
This requires a certain amount of technical knowledge that some people do not have and can be tricky at times if things do not go smoothly. It also requires time and effort to troubleshoot issues and a powerful enough machine with enough memory to run all these services and to be fair JAVA can be a royal pain when it doesn’t work properly.
For some people this can prove to be a lot of hassle when all you want to do is start writing some CFML code right and n some cases can be a show stopper for the newbie.  CFDeveloper takes away all this hassle and provides you with a ready to go development and testing environment.

In addition you also get a live development domain ( which you can use for testing, staging, to demo work to clients, use for job interviews or share with your peers when asking for help. To do this on your desktop/laptop computer requires yet more configuration and technical skills as well as keeping your computer switched on 24/7 and setting up dynamic DNS.

When signing up for a FREE CFDeveloper hosting account, you get your own web space to host and develop CFML  applications on a full Coldfusion enterprise edition server with full debugging enabled. You also get access to a whole host of features via the control panel including:-

CFML Engines

ColdFusion & Lucee


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL

Full FTP Access
Password Protected Folders
URL Rewriting
Domain/DNS management
File Manager

Web based file manager

Virtual Directories
Database Management

PHPMyAdmin, MyLittleAdmin